Monday, October 10, 2011

weekend shenanigans

Saturday night I was achy and cold, so I made one of those rice socks -you know, you fill a sock with rice and heat it in the microwave. I stuck it in the microwave for under two minutes, went to put some socks on my feet, and then went back to the microwave to find heavy smoke coming from black spots on the sock. ACK! I hurried to stop the microwave by opening the door -which was a mistake because then the kitchen filled up with the smell of smoke. 

"Close the door, close the door!" Hubby said, which I had already done -and was opening the door to the outside. I had sudden visions of building evacuations, fire trucks, and tearfully explaining to the fireman that I just wanted to heat up a sock with rice so that I could put it on my aching back!

 Hubby turned the fan on, and we stared at the fire alarm quietly praying it would stay silent. Luckily, it did.


Sunday morning, Hubby dropped The Babe into bed with me. He crawled over, put both his little arms around my neck and hugged my head. Tightly. We snuggled this way for a few minutes, and I just couldn't help but thinking that it was the best way my morning could possibly begin.


Sunday afternoon we went down to visit our friends Megan and Davey. For some reason, as we were leaving I was so cold. Bone chilled cold, and I could not warm up, even with the socks and slippers and long sleeves and sweatshirt. When we got to their house, Megan made me some hot cider and that didn't even help. I sat at their counter and stared into the mug, hugging it with both hands. "You're in one of your moods, aren't you?" Megan said to me, which was -I think- the only time I laughed out loud yesterday. I love that we're friends like that. She massaged my shoulders, which was so, so nice. Then I took myself to her couch where I stayed until dinner was ready. A lazy toad, I know, but my head was hurting, I was still cold, and so, so tired. 

After dinner we took a drive to see the house they're in the process of buying. It's really cute, but by the time we'd taken the tour my head felt like it was being smashed into a wall, repeatedly. I thought my eyes might ooze out of their sockets.

I slept all the way home.

Then went to bed at about 7:00/ 7:30 and did not wake up again until 9:00 this morning. My head is still hurting, but not half as bad -and I just noticed this giant bite on my neck that hurts to touch. I'm wondering if it's the cause of these sudden and strange symptoms.

When I discovered it, and thought maybe it's why I was sick so suddenly, all I could think about was Jim, from The Office, pretending to be all weak and cold to Dwight after the encounter with the bat, that later ends up in a bag with Meredith's head.

Maybe I'm becoming a super hero. 


Rachel Sue said...

I hope you are turning into a super hero. Because that would be awesome.

Also. I like your new layout!

Amy said...

You're already a super hero. Hope you feel better soon!

And I love your new layout too. So pretty!