Tuesday, November 1, 2011

don't you hate it when you forget important things like your best friend's birthday? yeah, me too.

Apparently I have lost the ability to remember birthdays. 
(Maybe facebook has a redeeming quality afterall?)

I forgot my dad's birthday earlier this year, and I just now realized that I completely spaced Kem's. Grmph.

How could I forget her birthday? For one its one day after my brother's -and I didn't forget his. And for two, this is the woman who I practically shared a room with for a good portion of my adolescence, the woman who once made me laugh so hard I peed my pants, who I am pretty sure -in a moment of desperation -I shared a toothbrush with (she is super generous/ self-sacrificing). The woman who once drove two hours to bring me an apple juice because I mentioned I wanted one. This is also the woman that I spent approximately two hours on the phone with this afternoon. Okay, a teeny bit more than two -but I totally got a TON of laundry done & the dishes & the kitchen & the bedroom.

Kem, if you're reading this: Happy Birthday. Two(ish) weeks late. Sorry.


Laurie said...

The best thing about best friends is that they'll forgive you!!! :)

Amy said...

I'm pretty sure that picture was taken when we were all in seminary together.
I love you guys!

Happy Birthday Kemra!