Friday, November 4, 2011

a recap of the babe's day...

* Sleepless night.
* Visit to the doctor
* Tried to play twice: failed.
* Watched 3 hours of Barney. And 1 hour of Curious George.
* At bath time pooped in the tub.
* Then peed on the floor.
* Then slipped in the pee and landed on my head.

Let's hope the weekend goes a little better, eh?


Rachel Sue said...

You slipped in the pee? Oh, honey. Take a bath and have some hot coccoa.

And yes. I did get Gordon out without having to cut any hair.

Aunt Merrilee said...

Poor babe and mom. Did you slip in the pee or did the pirate. I feel sad for both of you. Another ear infection? Hope he is better on Sunday..

Leenie said...

Aw. *hugs* Yes. I hope this weekend treats you a bit lovelier!