Thursday, November 17, 2011

on motherhood

My morning began at 5 am with a diaper that required the use of both the bathtub and the washing machine.

It's mornings like this -as I am doing my darnedest not to throw-up due to the disgustingness of it all, as I'm grumbling about having to deal with such pleasantries at such an hour of the morning- that the other (and better) part of me speaks up and reminds me just how very lucky I am to have this Babe in my life. Who cares if his fingers are covered in fecal matter? It is my joy and my pleasure to wash those little hands. Those little hands, in another part of today, will be placed around my neck to bring my face into a hug.

And that little mouth -the one screaming in displeasure about having to be washed- that's the one that will smile for me when it's all over. And if I'm lucky he'll give me a kiss.

So, yeah... I was up before the sun this morning, dealing with a stinky mess, but it spells: Mother, and oh how I love, love, love that.


Amy said...

Thank you so much for appreciating the small and sometimes stinky moments. I wish every mother could see things the way you do.

Aunt Merrilee said...

What a glorious way to start the morning! But your attitude is the key to it all. Your understanding that with all that good,comes some bad and ugly. I sure hope you are saving all these blogs and each year you will make them into a book. They can become your journal! I can assure you your children and grandchildren would love to read all these things about you..

aSimpleDimple said...

Girl, you totally crack me up. I miss hangin' out with y'all. Oh, I muscle tested today (out of curiosity).. did I spell that right? I think I still need to practice to figure if it's yes, no, or maybe :)