Monday, January 16, 2012

first day of school jitters.

School starts today. It's completely online, so I've already checked in, read through everything, and introduced myself -which was all that was required today. 

Last night I cracked open Nutrition and You, just to browse for a minute... felt totally overwhelmed, and closed it again. It was a moment of realization. I am in over my head. Just how much is the real question here. I'm a fairly intelligent person. I was an A student through high school and college. I felt pretty confident that I could handle this -I mean it is only one class... But, with Hubby's current work schedule & the fact that we are thinking about moving & the fact that The Little Pirate can now climb on chairs and stools, open drawers and doors, reach the counter tops, and stove... and has decided that he doesn't need more than an hour or two to sleep in the middle of the day...

Well, today I am just reminding myself to breathe!


Cara said...

How to eat an elephant (a chocolate one, perhaps?): one piece at a time.

No one can master everything at once. Whether they learn in baby steps or get it quicker than the average Joe.

Just take it one day at a time. I remember reading things a year ago that I now can have a whole conversation first it was overwhelming but I took things in little doses and it seemed to drip through.

wendy said...

good girl....that is the First step.
You'll conquer the rest.

Laurie said...

You'll do great!! You'll adjust to this just as you've adjusted to SO many other things! :)

Amy said...

I felt so overwhelmed when I took my biology class last semester. I am SO not a science person!!
And I got an A in the class and learned a ton about genetics.

You'll be fantastic. You'll learn so much. It'll be great!