Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a snowy, blowy day

It is cold outside. Not five below, like we experienced over Christmas, but in the low 20s -with a gusty wind. Honestly, I don't know why I think you'd care about the weather. I don't even really care about it. It's just what I noticed outside my window when I sat down to write about something else entirely unrelated.

Earlier today, whilst I was about my chores, I thought of that something and made a mental note to blog about it. Only now, I honestly can't remember what it was, or even what it had anything to do with.

Aren't I a little too young for this kind of forgetfulness? 

Well, anyhow, I think I was distracted by the weather, and by THIS. Seriously, if that isn't enough information to motivate a person to put that poison down, I don't know what would be. (I kind of ♥ the fact that Pepsi has to shoot itself in the foot.)

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Jessica said...

I think its kinda normal to forget stuff. I take those omega 3s cause I thought I was forgetting too much, turns out I'm just a mom. Mom's forget lol.