Saturday, January 7, 2012


It's Saturday. Already. I'm kind of scratching my head and wondering how that is possible.

I guess it was a short week, work wise -meaning Hubby was home on Monday. Plus, I did have things going on everyday this week -more or less. The exception was yesterday. Yesterday my calendar was empty, but Momza called and invited me over. We visited in her kitchen, and had lunch at her table, and it was Won.Der.Ful.

This blog friend of mine also called me this week. Which, was another happy surprise. We talked and talked like we've been friend for years. Which, maybe we have been. Neither one of us could remember at what point we started reading each other, but -the point is: I love how blogging connects us. And I say "us" meaning all of us, not just her and I.

I really love blogging. I love the women it brings into my life. Women need other women. It's fact.

Also, for the record, this week I was 100% at sticking to these resolutions of mine. Which is progress in itself, since usually the exercise one is down for the count by day three.

Yay me!!


Momza said...

SO fun seeing you and the lil Pirate! We'll have to get together again soon!!

wendy said...

good job with your Progress ( you Goddess...tee,hee)
Yes I agree, the blogging community is a powerful thing. I too have met some amazing people !!!

Carrie said...

LOVED talking to you-- even when it's totally random;)