Monday, January 9, 2012

note to self & pirate stories

I don't know how many times my mother tried to teach me to "Think before you act." Bless her for all her patience with such an obstinate child as I was (am.) I still haven't figured it out yet. Sometimes I am a very, very slow learner.

Recently -as I often do- I have a spark of an idea, and before I even fully think it through/ consider the consequences/ sleep on it/ wait for a even a day -I'm off and running with it, only to get just far enough that to stop is somewhat humiliating before I realize that this is not a good idea. 

Someday I will learn to just slow down & give things some time to simmer in my mind.

And that is all the of that story I am going to share.

*** Now for the Pirate Stories ***

At church we opened our hymn books for the opening song, and The Little Pirate, sitting by himself in the pew, opened one for himself -and began to sing with us... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, EEiiiiii... He got a few bars in and then with all the energy in his little heart, finished his song with a loud: Ee I, Ee, I, OH!


The Little Pirate is a big fan of Cinnamon Cheerios, but he hates Banana Nut Cheerios -and for the last few days all we had were the Banana ones. I could only trick him into putting it in his mouth, and then he'd immediately spit it out & point to the Chex box instead. Yesterday Hubby opened a new box of Cinnamon Cheerios & poured some out for The Little Pirate -who promptly stuck his nose in the pile, sniffed -and smelling the cinnamon, began two-fisting them into his mouth.


Over Christmas, while we were in Wyoming, The Little Pirate was upset about something, and in an effort to cheer him up, Hubby took my pony tail & asked him, "Do you know what's under a pony's tail?" Then he lifted up my pony and made a farting noise. Being male -they both burst into laughter, and because listening to a baby laugh is so fun, Hubby had to repeat the routine a couple more times.

Fast forward a full week or so.

I'm on the ground, doing some yoga stretches. The Little Pirate comes up behind me, grabs my pony tail, lifts it up, mimics the farting noise, and begins laughing. (Welcome to the wild and wonderful world (work?) of raising boys -eh?)


Amanda Joy said...

I LOVE moments and memories like that. He is too cute:)

Amy said...

LOL that is the EXACT thing Bret would do! The bad part is, I think fart jokes are hilarious.
We're hopeless.

Love the stories!

Laurie said...

Hilarious stories about the Little Pirate!!

Sorry you had to learn another lesson. If it makes you feel any better, I still haven't learned that one, either. :S

Maranda Whittle said...

The tooting noises is only the beginning! I've got 3 boys :)

wendy said...

I LOVE the little pirate stories...I hope you will have these all documented for when he becomes a man, and can see all the funny things he did.

I hear ya about SLOW DOWN, let things SIMMER, and Think. I am pretty impulsive myself and therefore, often times want to kick myself in the butt.