Friday, March 2, 2012

more pirate stories

We play this game with L. Pirate.

He covers his eyes, and we say, "Where's [Pirate]? Where's [Pirate}?" and he uncovers his eyes, and we say, "There he is!" (Repeat x 7)

The other day he had a diaper that needed changed. There isn't anything he hates more than having his diaper changed, so when I said, "Come here, we need to change your diaper." He covered both his eyes, spun on his little heel, and ran in the opposite direction.


L. Pirate love to "sweep" aka: play with the broom. (We finally had to move it to the garage because he'd figured out he could swipe the handle across the counter and get all kinds of new and exciting things to fall to the floor, but before we got to that point...) There was a raisin on the floor in the dining room. He took the broom and pushed it and pushed it and pushed it all the way to the kitchen. Then he went and found the dust pan, lined it up next to the raisin, and tried, unsuccessfully, to use the broom to get the raisin into the dust pan. After awhile he bent down, picked up the raisin, and put it in his mouth -not the dustpan.


Scout is the L. Pirate's favorite little crib companion. He's this green dog, that plays bedtime music, which we play every night and every nap time... So we're walking the toy aisle at Wal-Mart the other day, and there's Scout on the shelf. He points to it, with the most bewildered, confused expression I've ever seen come across his face -which gave Hubby and I a pretty good laugh.


Cara said...

Ahhhh Scout ;). We have the book and I've seen the toy companion to go with. We used to play the lullabies to Roman from the book and it would honestly soothe him.

Tracie said...

So cute! My youngest is attached to her blanket and does the same thing when she sees it in stores or another baby with it.

Rachel Sue said...

Go to the dollar store and get one of those little tiny broom and dustpan sets. He can still sweep, but there are no counter disasters.

Can you tell I've been through that one? :)

Also, I should call you. It's been a while!