Monday, February 27, 2012

my brain is spaghetti

                                  Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Remember those old commercials, This is your brain: An Egg. This is your brain on drugs: A Fried Egg.

I'm not on drugs, of any kind, promise -but this morning my brain is pretty much like a giant plate of pasta. Each noodle representing a different idea/ thought, and they're all tangled up together with a sauce of sleepiness. This "pasta" cooked all night. 1. I think I have a pretty good idea for a business. 2. I think I have a pretty good idea for a book. 3. I have another story I need to revise a bit. 4. I have another story I know start to finish I just have to finish writing it. 5. What if I'm pregnant? 6. Why do I keep having random dreams about bears attacking me? 7. We put an offer in on a house, I wonder if they'll accept it? 8. Ugh. Do I even feel like moving? 9. But I'd get to paint! I love paint! What color should we go with? 10. Where did I put that crochet hook? 11. I need to write to so-n-so. 12. I hope it's not snowing on Tuesday. 13. Should I give this business idea a go? 14. Why am I even considering this? 15....   The second I'd force one strand of thought into silence, three more would pop-up. I tried counting. I tried singing. I tried praying. I tried singing again. Praying again. Counting again. And in the mean time 11 turned to 12 turned to 1 turned to 2... I haven't had insomnia like this in quite awhile.

Today's goal: Nap!!
Tonight's goal: Get my mind to shut. up.

Have a good Monday people!


Cara said...

Well I don't know if it's the reaction you were going for but I am laughing...

maybe it's because I am also very sleep deprived. I was up late because I wanted to watch a TV show and up early waiting for a parcel.

The 'what if I'm pregnant?' thought pops in and out of my own head and then I start thinking about homes ;).

Amy said...

You're such a writer. :)

Ashy said...

Woah, wait, you're a writer too?? How have I not known this?

I don't know if you want advice on sleeping, but I have this problem too where we lay down and husband is instantly asleep and I'm left there in the dark with my thoughts. Something I learned was about relaxation and meditation. First you think about your toes. Think about them moving, then holding still. Then think about your feet. And then your ankles. And then your calves/lower legs. Keep moving up until you have contemplated your whole body. I'm usually out before I can reach my calves :)

Laurie said...

When I get that way, I HAVE to have a notebook next to my bed so I can write all those thoughts down! It's like giving the thoughts permission to be there, but just not right NOW. I can write them down and think about them in the morning!