Saturday, April 21, 2012

saturday again

I got to go to a spouses thing last night. One of the women there asked me if I was going to go back to work soon. I told her, "No. I'm really happy being a stay at home mom." And she said, "That's so good. I know it's better for the kids and all that, but I just couldn't do it. It just was not for me. I'd rather be working shifts in the trauma unit -it was less stressful than being home with my toddlers. I became a better mom when I went back to work. Good for you for being able to handle it."

And I thought her comment was sweet and validating and probably exactly the kind of thing I needed to hear last night. 


Amy said...

Bless her for her honesty! And bless you for being validated. Mamas gotta stick together, no matter what their capacity or their situation.

High fives all around.

Momza said...

First, I love the picture--he has always been such a cutie.
Second, I've always said that motherhood is not for the faint of heart. It is the hardest job in the world and anyone whose done it can swear to it!

Aunt Merrilee said...

Being a stay at home mom is not for everyone. I just didn't understand that when I was younger. I couldn't imagine any woman wanting to go to work and leave her baby at home with a sitter. But as life teaches us lessons I have learned that it's not for everyone. I am sorry I judged so many women for needing to be working moms. But I am glad that most of the women in my family chose to be stay at home moms. Some would have chosen that but weren't able to do that. Thanks for this post.

Cara said...

That photo is adorable...and yes sometimes it's great to hear someone back up our choices!

I used to judge mums who went back to work, that was until I worked for a mother who pretty much had her back against the wall about going back to work. She really didn't want to go back but had a mortgage and family to support. I felt so honoured she'd selected me to look after her baby for 8 hours a day - it's a big responsibility and a big ask of any parent, especially one who so wants to be at home themselves. It taught me that every situation and circumstance is different, so we can't judge from the outside - same goes for mothers working outside the home looking at mothers who work at home/stay at home.