Friday, May 18, 2012

friday? already? what?

This week has  f l o w n.

I begin school again next Monday. Based on the four inch thick books that arrived at my house, along with the tools necessary for sprouting things -I'm anticipating a serious work load. So I  crammed this week full of visits and activities I don't plan on having much time for over the summer. It's been fun, and I'm taking full advantage of today too. I've got a friend coming over for a Zumba class in my living room this morning, lunch with another friend towards this afternoon, and *possibly* a last-minute girl party with my visiting teaching companion and one of our visiting teachees.

In the dozen years or so that I've been part of the Relief Society, I have never found this kind of bond with my visiting teacher sisters. All three of us click so well and it wasn't uncommon at all for our visiting teaching appointment to begin at 7 and then end at 11. My companion and I often felt inspired at the same time to do the same things for our sister. It's been a glimpse into what visiting teaching is really about, and it has been wonderful. Sadly though my companion is onto another military assignment next month and our little trio we have enjoyed so much will be broken. Which is why, if our schedules (their schedules) can wing it, we're planning a girl's night tonight.

In the meantime, Hubby has fed and changed and entertained the L. Pirate while trying to get himself out the door for work -with no complaint that I'm at the computer being as useful as a toad.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

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Cara said...

I get on really well with my visiting teachers. One of them planned my wedding so I should hope we get on ;)! I love VTing, it's the best. I used to go with my best friend and we'd just have the best times.

I hope everything will go well for you starting school up again - so exciting. I loveee to learn.