Monday, May 14, 2012

mother's day mention and onto the week

I took this picture weeks ago, intending it to be for a Mother's Day post. A post about all the beautiful and wonderful women in my life. Then Mother's Day came and went and I didn't even take 3 minutes to sit down and blog. Unusual for me, isn't it?

The weekend was fabulous for me. Fab.u.lous. What was once a day of trial and sorrow is now one of joy and gratitude. And I don't feel guilty about accepting Hubby's gifts. He's always done extra special things for me on Mother's Day, but until I actually had the L. Pirate I didn't feel worthy or something. Which I see now was silly. We should honor and celebrate our potential, don't you think? A Goddess in Progress, isn't that the title of my blog? A nod to what I hope to be one day??

Up this week for me: shopping, lunch with friends, a craft day, a BBQ, a trip to the library, and a Zumba class in my living room.

Happy week everyone!

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