Thursday, June 28, 2012

i. am. tired.

During the day I'm calm, and rational. I think to myself things like, well, if the house burns down at least I'll get new furniture. I've always wanted matching furniture. I'll also get to shop for new towels. I've really been wanted to re-do the bathrooms. And, I suppose I could finally get to pick out a bedroom set that I like, instead of the one Hubby purchased before we were married.

Then at night I wake up in a slight panic and nauseous. How long are we going to be forced to live like this?

I've realized that the fear of uncertainty is the fear that has the strongest grip on me. I'm working through it, but -aside from a deployment- I cannot think of a better real-life opportunity to conquer this that fear than a situation such as this. Is it really possible that I could be homeless?


Tracie said...

From the sounds of some of your posts you have family who I am sure would let you stay with the.

Remember, Even Christ was homeless, but no matter where we are in his love we have a home.

Nothing to fear but fear itself...

Is it working yet.....

If it gets worse call your doctor he can give you something to help with your anxiety and to help sleep.

Still praying you guys get home soon and everything is in its right place.

Aunt Merrilee said...

I think you are doing amazing. You were blessed to have the spirit warn you and then you listened and obeyed and now you are more prepared than some of your neighbors, I am sure.. And you won't be homeless for long, maybe your house deal will come through! I hope you are well, and that Will is doing ok. Love you.