Tuesday, August 14, 2012

glimpsing the future?

The last two days would probably be a decent reflection of what my life would turn into if I did have the good fortune of getting pregnant sometime in the next year or so.

This life looks a little like this: me half awake half sleeping in the chair while the L. Pirate watches his shows taking "spread-my-toys-over-every-inch-of-floor" and "help-myself-to-whatever-food-I-can-find-and-touch-my-sticky-hands-on-everything-I-can" breaks in between. 

Sunday night Hubby and I both came down with something mean. Through Monday we had "the works" when it comes to sick. Today, for me at least, everything seems to be gone (thankfully!) but my energy is still missing. I really need it back by tomorrow too because I am two days behind on school work, I have two appointments on Thursday, and a whole bunch of friends coming on Saturday for a DoTerra class. It's been two weeks since my floors have seen a mop and my couch is spotted with L. Pirate goop. Also we are about one day away from no more clean underwear. Uh-huh. 

And, lately -since the L. Pirate has become so enthralled with the toilet and "potty" I have realized that the whole potty training thing is going to be so inconvenient. I know that I am probably six to nine months away from middle of the night sheet changes and lots and lots and lots and lots of accidents in between. I'm pre-grateful for wood floors and I'm re-pre-grateful for the washing machine. Yes. I. Am. 

Today, sometime in the middle -oh yeah, when he was crying in his bed (another thing that will be changing sometime sooner than later that will make our lives more difficult) I realized probably I shouldn't be so upset when I get the negative result next month. Heavenly Father knows what he's doing when it comes to timing -so maybe I'm not a woman who can handle potty-training, and transitioning to a "big boy" bed and be pregnant at the same time. 


Laurie said...

Seriously, I feel the same way!! I've been getting baby hungry lately, but I've also been struggling with the kids I have! So yeah, I totally understand!! Sorry you've been sick, though!

Cara said...

Maybe that's what I need, too. I've accepted that we'll have one child for now but oh with so many people I know who are pregnant or due any day my heart is crushed at the thought of it not being me. I think you're right, though...it's about what we can handle and what Heavenly Father see's we can handle.