Sunday, August 12, 2012

thoughts on a sunday

With the parable of the good Samaritan, the Master taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves.6 With His answer to the rich young ruler, He taught us to shed our selfishness.7 With the feeding of the 5,000, He taught us to see to the needs of others.8 And with the Sermon on the Mount, He taught us to seek first the kingdom of God.9

I should be at church, but the L. Pirate has been so overly tired the last couple days I can't bring myself to wake him up. While I am waiting, I decided to read the First Presidency Message for this month, and I'm glad I did. I love it when I'm gently & lovingly reminded when I need to make personal changes in my life.

I have slacked a bit in my service to my fellowmen. Specifically, I have slacked on visiting teaching. It wasn't deliberately done, but it's just been forgotten while I've been busy with other -far less important- pursuits.

I'm feeling a time of change coming. I'm ready to realign my priorities. Live with specific purpose. Mmm. Yup. A new version of Heather is in the making. 


Amy said...

Love you girl.

Laurie said...

We seem to always have these kinds of epiphonies at the same time!

wendy said...

Well, I always thought the old version of Heather was pretty darn good.
We all fall a little "behind" in many many things in our lives.
You'll do JUST FINE
A "re-dedication" is always good for everyone.