Thursday, August 2, 2012

i'll do it later...

I'm pretty sure procrastination is a gene that runs in my family. (Mom? Merrilee? Tanner? Thoughts?)
I used to be am a very much a "I'll do it later" person, but I'm working on it. As it happens, life keeps teaching me that if I want to do something, I should just do it because later doesn't always work out.

My most recent example of this goes a bit like this:

I have wanted a stark white comforter for I don't know how long, and for years now I look for them in stores -and when I find them I drool for a few minutes, cry over the price tag, and then promise myself that in my Someday House, I will have a stark white comforter set on my bed. Then I daydream about the color I will paint my future walls while I push the cart away.

Well, a few days ago I was in a Marshals, looking for some bathroom accessories because my toothbrush holder is at it's end, and I did what I always do. I strolled through the bedding aisle to see if they had a white comforter I could drool and cry over... and they did. Siding my cart up to it I let out a gasp. It was so beautiful, so simple, so elegant -like a bridal gown. I saw the sticker declaring "Queen" and I almost didn't want to see how much it cost, because the little ridiculously practical voice in my head reminded me that we don't need a comforter... And then I pulled it out, and there it was: $39.99 -and all I could think was "Happy Birthday Heather!!" Because I've got some generous family and my birthday money had it covered!! Woot! Woot!!

See? I didn't wait for later: improvement! Only...

I rushed home, cleaned the entire bedroom top to bottom, stored the old comforted in the closet and put the new one on -with the sage green accent pillows I also bought. People, the room was in show-room quality. I even had a scented candle burning. I should take a picture of this, I have to show my blog friends this comforter! My mom needs to see this comforter! She'll be so proud of me! Then I remembered all the other things I wanted to get done before Hubby got home, so off I went telling myself: I'll take a picture later.

Well, my friends it's later and guess what? The other night it started raining in our bedroom. There is a seam the length of the room, that crossed right over our bed, that just dripped water all night. We had to shove the bed aside and now it's at this really strange angle and laundry is everywhere and also dust bunnies (which I really should go clean-up... later) and the room is a disaster and now the moment has passed. It could take weeks before I can reassemble my bedroom. It looks like we might need a new roof first and then they have to come and take the drywall out, clean out whatever is growing in there right now, and then install a whole new sheet of drywall and then paint and...

I'm seriously wishing I had taken the three seconds it would have taken to just snap the picture a few nights ago. You know??


Amy said...

Oh dangit! I DO know what you mean.

Even though the bedroom situation stinks (Oh wow, THAT could be seriously misinterpreted...) I'm so glad you found your white comforter!
I hope you have more good shopping fortune. :)

Laurie said...

Ah man, I'm sorry for the craziness in your house! I hope it's not weeks before your room is all put back together!

Also, reading that last post right before this, you MIGHT think about not using a white comforter while potty training - if he goes in there ever!! :D Because if he'll pee on HIS bed..... Ya know??