Wednesday, December 5, 2012

i miss blogging!

Last night I was rocking the babe, singing to him just before bed & it hit me just how big he's gotten. His legs dangle over the side of the chair. He can now sing with me, when he feels like it. More and more often, though, he's choosing to go straight to his bed & skip the story/song time that I started with him the day we brought him home. More and more often he's rejecting my request for kisses and loves. My baby is daily tuning a bit more into a kid.

Which of course means it's time for another one, but still no luck on that front. I picked up a 3-pack of home pregnancy tests realizing it is such an infertile thing to do: buy home pregnancy tests in bulk because it saves you money that way & month after month you can't take the suspense and you begin peeing on those sticks as soon as you can with that desperate hope that this will be the one that wins. It's like scratching a lottery ticket.

Monday night we went and got a tree for home evening. Last night we put the lights on it. I suppose tonight we'll add the ornaments. It all comes in parts these days because Hubby's work schedule is ridiculously busy at the moment.

I've been busy too. Obviously. Writing is like my life blood and see how often I've been at it lately?

Time to get the day rolling my friends...

Have a good one!


Laurie said...

I've been noticing Charlotte growing up lately, too. I wish they would stop it!!

I've been too busy for blogging, too. After Christmas, I hope to have more time. I'm in the middle of so many projects right now! :)

Cynthia said...

I am with you on the stop growing up thing...#3 actually fell asleep on my shoulder for the first time in forever and #4 is quickly refusing to fall asleep in my arms.

And I too miss blogging...haven't done it since I posted about the birth of baby girl...soon I will feel organized enough to start again!