Wednesday, January 23, 2013

*deep sigh*

Remember all those pictures that mysteriously disappeared from my computer? Tonight, somehow, someway, magically they've all reappeared. I'm so confused how this could have happened, but I'm feeling pretty happy about it.

This was the picture I missed the most. Mostly because this is one that cannot be retaken. It was a White Christmas morning, the sun was just coming up, and the whole world was glistening. I took this picture for my dad, who would never leave the desert -but who likes to see the snow.

In other news...

School started back up for me again this week, and feelings of Oh-My-Goodness-How-Can-I-Possibly-Get-All-This-Done!? are sitting on me pretty heavy. Other women I know would find the amount that I have to do small and insignificant enough to be laughable. I can see the would-be eyes rolling at me as I write.

It's only one class.

But then, I think, I'd say: Well you probably get the luxury of sleeping at night.

(The world is such a different place when one has had good rest. You know what I mean?)

In the meantime... I have another really BIG project I'm working on, and committed to. Then there's the rest of life's dailies.

Anywho. I'll "Just keep swimming" -in the words of one of my son's favorite fish. He saw her at the Zoo this weekend, and flipped he was so excited. He's still talking about Dori and the "Elmo Fish" which is what he calls Nemo. I've tried to correct this, but he's stuck on "Elmo Fish" so we roll with it.

His favorite animal of the day? The hippos. He was scared to get to close, but he couldn't take his eyes off of them, and the first thing he told me when he woke up this morning, and from his nap was about hippos. That's the only word I caught in the jabber, but he was very earnest in whatever it was he was telling me. Maybe he dreamed of hippos.

And speaking of dreaming...

Hubby flushed the toilet at 2AM this morning, and it woke me up from a beautiful dream. I was gorging myself on M&Ms. I couldn't tell you the last time I had a real M&M, but that dream was sure nice! All the pleasure of chocolate goodness without the blood-sugar crash.

Maybe I'll dream about chocolate again tonight?

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