Thursday, February 21, 2013

so. i finally did it.

I self-published a story I wrote.

Since I was SIX I've dreamed of walking into a bookstore and seeing my book with my name on it.

I still have this dream.

STILL. Twenty-four (and counting) years later.

About a month ago I entered a writing contest. The call for submissions indicated there would be multiple winners. I typed up a story -one I'm really in love with and proud of.

I showed it to a few select people. They all agreed it was great. Words like "love it" were even tossed around. I thought it had a good chance at winning. I really did.

It didn't win. They only chose one winner, not multiple as indicated. On top of that, they picked a story written by someone they've already published. Twice.

I was so disheartened. I had this darling little holiday romance and nothing to do with it. As my day of disappointment wore on I realized the only way I could make myself feel better would be to publish it myself.

So I did.


Amy said...

Yay!!!! Good for you! I'll get that loaded on my kindle!

Laurie said...

Awesome! I can't wait to read it!

Rachel Ward said...

you're my favorite. when you talk about something, you don't just talk about it, you totally do it. Guess what is sitting in a manilla envelope on my entry way table? And has been there for about a month. Yeah. So, pretty much, you're my hero.

aSimpleDimple said...

K, so I am doing the research to publish my own kids books with sign language....
What company did you decide to publish with?
Girl, I've got lots of questions for ya... :) Call me sometime.. no wait, I'll call you now :)