Saturday, February 23, 2013

today was fabulous

This morning Pirate and I got to Skype with grandma while Hubby made green smoothies and carrot juice, then scrubbed down the kitchen.

Awhile later after some laundry and lunching, Pirate and I took a nap together. I know this little monster has a personal vendetta against me ever sleeping again, but oh how I love it when he snuggles me!

Later, the sun came out, and there's still plenty of snow on the ground. We made snowmen and Hubby took Pirate down the hill on the sled. I watched through the lens of the camera, fully aware that I need to bring that thing out more often, because these little moments are passing so quickly. This Pirate becomes more grown up by the day.

It was so, so nice to get some sun on my skin and a bit of fresh air without the need for a coat! So fun to watch my boys play and realize that we are each other's favorite people.

Family is a great thing to have.

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Adri said...

Well said, Heather!