Wednesday, February 27, 2013

want to see my new dress?

I cut my face out because I have a monster cold-sore on my face at the moment and it is highly unattractive. Also, I never did get around to make-up today and without mascara I look a little freakish, especially in photos.


The dress! Look at this dress!! I love it! eShakti sent it to me to do a little review and to introduce you all to their new Spring Line

eShakti is pretty awesome because they customize your dress for you. This one originally had tiny cap sleeves and a wide scoop neckline. Neither of those worked for me, but I liked the pattern and the shape, so I had them change the sleeves and the neck. Another cool thing about this dress? It has pockets!

Aaaannnd... last year I bought these nude Calvin Klein heels at Ross for $10 and they go with this dress perfectly. I'm so excited for Easter.

SO, back to eShakti. It isn't just for scrawny people like me. Their sizes run 0 to 36W, and you tell them your bust size and height when you order, so they can get the length right. They really are awesome, and I get compliments on my eShakti dresses every single time I wear them. (I kind of love compliments.)

They're also generous! They're offering my readers 20% off your orders from now until 3/10/13, when you use coupon code GDDESSPRG. You can use it over and over again until then if you're really so inclined. The only thing you can't use it on is past orders and their Overstock section. 

And if you happen to know someone getting married soon, they have bridesmaid dresses too. Just FYI.

Kind of awesome, huh!

Update: eShakti notified me today that they had some technical issues and that the code wasn't working, but it is fixed now. They are very sorry, and are extending this offer to 3/20/13.


Momza said...

Those are the perfect colors for you! I bet you look better than you think you do.

Amy said...

Love it!!! I LOVE eshakti, I just, er, can't afford it right now. Plus with the whole nursing thing, I can't even wear dresses! But I definitely want to get one of these custom-made babies soon.

Rachel Ward said...

Its like a vintage 50's dress in the best possible way.

Kimberly said...

I love this dress! So pretty!
Thanks for your comments on my blog lately. I am always grateful for your thoughts! :)

Jenny Lynn said...

I love it! The color is very pretty as well.

Louise said...

I like vintage things and you dress is gonna be mine. I love it!

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