Monday, March 4, 2013

me and mother nature, we're both loony bin candidates

Snow was in the forecast this morning. At nine o'clock the world from my window was nothing but blue skies and puffy white clouds. It could have been any day in June by the looks of it. Then, THEN while I'm reading facebook posts of children rolling down grassy green hills, and friends sunbathing to the point of burning, I look out my window and all there is to see is snow, snow, snow. So much snow. 

The truth is, I'm just as crazy as the weather. Lately, anyway. 

This morning I was determined. This will be the day I get back into the gym. This is the day I'll start my Couch to 5K again. Then, I felt how cold it was outside. Then I sat down for half a minute and my whole body said, "I am too tired to go to the gym. I'd like a bed please!" and my brain said, "No. No you will not. You will go to the gym. You will do this today!" And my body said, "No. I am so tired. Can't you feel how tired I am." Then my brain said, "You must go. You must go today." And then my body said, "You can go tomorrow. I'm hungry now, and I'm tired." And then my body won.

Pirate actually took a nap today. I was laying down with him, but then I thought, I have much too much to do to sleep during these hours. So I got up and took a shower and sat down at my computer to work on my homework, which is piled up pretty high at this point, and instead I suddenly find myself watching Merlin. 

Go figure.

I'm not sure why, but on days like this, when it's so cold and snowy and windy outside I have all kinds of troubles finding motivation to do anything but get cozy on the couch and watch TV. 

Here's hoping for some sunshine tomorrow!


Jenny Lynn said...

OMG! I have been feeling the same way. Just like you all my Cali friends or those living in warmer places are making me sick with their photos of sunshine, bathing suits and swimming pools. AGH!!! I try to avoid being on Facebook much. I was glad to see the sun out, but it was freezing over the weekend. Cold makes me feel tired.

Ashy said...

Snow, cold, and cloudy weather makes me want to hibernate. I'm with you, I get much more done on beautiful days!