Tuesday, March 12, 2013

i have a very real need for spring

Every day I check the tops of trees for signs of spring.

No luck yet.

But, for this year, I am over snow storms and blizzards. I am over needing to bundle up to go anywhere. I am over viruses.

The Pirate, being too young to know how to use kleenex properly, has become a walking germ. He's passed his cold onto his mom and his dad and we're all a bit miserable around here. Again.

I think this one though is not quite as intense as the last round of sick we had to endure.

I'm hoping anyway.


Cynthia said...

I have four walking germs...and I am currently miserable (and they are healthy, which equals craziness at home). I pray for good weather so I can open up the house and air out all the ick. I took a long walk this morning and am starting to feel human again! Feel better soon!

Jenny Lynn said...

Awe, that is icky for you all. Hope you all feel better really soon.