Monday, March 11, 2013

on being a mormon

I was just reading a post written by a dear friend of mine whose children are routinely being harassed for being Mormon. The boy doing the bullying is telling them, very clearly, that they are deceived and that they are going to go to Hell to live with the Devil -among other things.

It's unfortunate that other churches feel such a strong need to teach their congregations that we are devils and children of a devil -at worst and deceived and wrong and going to hell -at best.

I feel sad for these children who are being bullied for their beliefs. I've been in there shoes multiple times as both a child myself and as an adult. In fact, very recently, a dear friend and woman I admire and respect, in as loving a way as possible let me know that I believe in and am worshiping the wrong Jesus. I tried my best to assure her that I believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Savior of the world.  I know her concern is for my salvation. I believe that she believes I am on my way to hell because the points of doctrine that I hold true are different from hers.

What saddens me most with these friends (and sometimes bullies) of other faiths, other denominations, is all that they believe God would damn a person, like me, who has spent an entire lifetime studying the Word of God, praying to Him, singing praises to Him, trying my very best to live the commandments outlined in the Bible, specifically the "Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, might, mind, and strength" and "Love thy neighbor as thyself" ones.

I personally could never believe in such an unjust and unloving God.


Emily said...

Very well put. I was having a conversation with a dear friend once and he was explaining to me how I am going to hell because I believe in a "different" Jesus. This really upset me. A different Jesus? There is only one! I realized later that I kinda understood what he meant. The Jesus Christ I believe in would not condemn someone who truly tried to live the way they thought He wanted them to. My friend didn't share this belief. So while there is only one Christ, perhaps our views can differ so greatly on who He is that we, as Christian people in general, accuse other Christians of worshipping a "different"Christ. It's too bad, really.

Kimberly said...

I understand this one.
I feel it.
I have been there, done that as the victim of the persecution.
I never have quite understood how being Christlike translates into harassing and condemning others. I try so hard to love and accept others, no matter what they believe, how they live, or what they choose in this world, that I sometimes feel frustrated by those who aim to hate and humiliate others. I guess sometimes people's concern over other people's salvation overrides their beliefs in being charitable and kind. It really is too bad.