Friday, May 31, 2013

not my idea of a good morning.

I was woken up this morning via vomit in my face, down my pillow, on my shirt, on my sheets... and a screaming-his-heart out little boy. It may have been the most disgusting thing I've faced as a mother. No. I think it WAS the most disgusting thing I've faced as a mother. It tops the night of having to scrub feces out of eye-lashes, scalp, walls, crib, etc. It definitely tops that night.

The only thing I wanted to do was rinse my mouth out with the most powerful mouthwash in the world (we don't own mouthwash) and stand under a stream of hot water. But my screaming-his-heart out little boy demanded my full attention. In my groggy state, I decided to carry him across the house to the living room where I had the bucket and towels all ready to go (this isn't the first midnight vomit session this week. It's the third. But the first one where he'd somehow managed to get his little face right up in mine without my being aware of it). Which, obviously, was a stupid thing for me to do. I should have bee-lined for the bathroom. My decision cost me the necessity of mopping and steam cleaning the trail I created. Well, he created. Still. My fault.

Anyway, 40 minutes later... He's in the chair watching a Curious George movie, and I'm at the computer documenting this lovely night.


Today, Friday, is day 9 of his diarrhea diapers and occasional mid-night bouts of vomit. I tried to get him into his doctor yesterday, but was told to call at 6am this morning to get an appointment hopefully for today. (Military healthcare = not. awesome.)

Anyway. All the google sights I visited yesterday indicate that this is likely more than a simple virus or bacterial infection. My guess is it's a parasite. Which, the forums all indicate are little monsters to deal with and "one of the most traumatic parenting experiences ever." -As one mommy said.

SO... Here's hoping I can one, actually see his doctor today and not be forced into visiting the Urgent Care, and two: that they can figure out what is going on with my baby, and three: that my sanity can stay with me until I can find a way to finagle a nap somehow.

Here's hoping.


Amanda Joy {Joy in the Jumble} said...

I hope everything works out. We dealt with the same thing with Asher, but found out it was because he had too many minerals in his body for the Kid Essentials drinks the doctor had prescribed. We didn't have as much vomiting though. Good luck!

Megan Jones said...

What a rough night/day for you! I hope that by this time you've been able to get him to the doctor and that he's on the mend. I hope you got a nap too!

Merrilee Beals said...

I am so sorry you are both having to go through this. Hope you were able to get into the dr this morning. Wish I was there to help. Poor, poor little man. I feel so bad for him. There is nothing like waking up having to vomit.. I know what that is like. He was probably just trying to get to you before it happened. Wish both of you better days.. Love you.