Sunday, June 2, 2013

sunday again and i'm still standing.

Last week was one of the most challenging weeks of my parenthood thus far. Seriously. Pirate was one diarrhea diaper after another. On top of three nights of mid-night to four am bouts of vomiting, and me trying to force a bucket under his face, him howling and trying to push it away, followed by cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. My hands were literally bleeding by Friday from all the time they've spent in and out of water in this dry, and still kind-of-cold climate. On top of all of this, Hubs was off to buy a house for us in our next stop, so all those diapers and messes and up-all-nights were just me. All totaled, I had three meltdowns last week.

Thursday I called to get him in, and of course, being the fabulous military health care system we have, they had nothing available and told me to call back first thing in the morning on Friday so he could get an acute care appointment then. I waited. I set my alarm. I called first thing only to be told, "It's a Family Day and no one is available, you'll have to go to urgent care and you'll have to call around and find out which urgent care in your area accepts Tricare." So, I waited another couple hours for the urgent cares to open, called around, and miraculously found one close by that didn't have 1.9 million people already waiting their turn to see a doc. More miraculously, it was just me and Pirate and one other dude in the waiting room. We were in and out within an hour with an antibiotic prescription that seems to be getting the job done. Last night he had a solid poop and I did a happy dance. Yay for solid poop!! Yay!!

Then Friday night finally rolled around, and Hubs was home and he brought my awesome SIL and niece with him. Yesterday was SO fun. Brittany and I participated in a 5K Color Run with my friend Nancy and her daughter K. It was SUCH a good time. I use the word participated because we didn't actually run the race, we did run some, but mostly we walked. It was ridiculously fun though, and I'd like to do it again... Maybe even trying to run at least most of it.

We found a house, by the way. Though it's small and needs quite a bit of updating and work, we really feel that this was the right house for us, the one that we were Divinely guided to. For one, it wasn't even in the areas we were looking at. It was one the realtor thought to add very last minute. Then when they pulled up the owner happened to be there... and the next day, after being on the market for less than a week, someone else put an offer in right before we did. They accepted our offer because they'd met Hubs and liked him so well.

Little miracles all round this week. I survived this week by Grace alone. That is most certain.

And this coming week is going to be AWESOME.


Amanda Joy {Joy in the Jumble} said...

I am so glad that he is feeling better! I am also happy that you found a house:)

Merrilee Beals said...

I am so happy he is having solid poops! And than now you can get some much needed sleep. And with SIL there you can get much needed recreation! Have fun this week with her and that sweet girl of hers!!

Cynthia said...

So happy to hear the medication is working - I hate sick babies...dealt with a few myself last week - healing thoughts sent your way.

I am also very glad to hear to have a place to live, it is not fun living in limbo! I join you in the crazy packing, cleaning, moving...we are leaving this little town next week and headed back to the town that feels like home.

Hope your week goes great! And everything on your to do list gets accomplished!