Monday, June 10, 2013

i was right. it was awesome.

As I mentioned before, Britt and Bry were in town last week, and it was some seriously good times!

I've had this "bucket list" for the Springs since we moved here, and it's been shoved aside in favor of regular-life-type activities. Last week, however, I dusted it off and crossed off two of those things: The North Pole and Garden of the Gods.

We took the kids to Garden of the Gods Monday evening. It was breathtakingly beautiful and now I'm so sad I waited all this time to visit the place. We'd have made that a regular weekend/night destination. I'm going to have to drag Hubs there sometime in the near future so he can see it, too.

I'll also be dragging Hubs to The North Pole very soon. That place was ah-mazing in an entirely opposite way from the Garden of the Gods. It's a Christmas-themed theme park for little kids and Pirate and Cousin Bry LOVED it, and so did Britt and I -lets be honest. The rides were so fun!

Anyway. We also managed to fit in a trip to the Denver mall and a mani-pedi and dinner at CPK just Britt and I. That was so nice!

Friday we took the kids up to the "lake" which is really a stocked fishing pond up on the AFA, and they had lots of fun tossing rocks and sticks into the water.

The kids got to go to the zoo and the park and fly kites and finger paint and have a movie night, and Pirate cried when it was time to say goodbye at the airport. Cousin Bry is his best friend. He's been asking for her since they left.

Now, we're on to sorting and cleaning and getting ready for the move... I told Hubs, I feel like I'm sitting at the top of a roller coaster... We're just about to make that drop that sends on a crazy-fast ride.


Susan Case said...

Great post. Live is sure filled with challenges - but you are surviving and even finding humor in the process. I'm following you from MMB Contributors.

Kimberly said...

So fun! Sounds like a great way to close up some time there! i always think it is good to do really fun things in the place you are leaving so that you have really great memories there!