Friday, August 9, 2013

i live in a magical place

It's been weeks since I've had the opportunity to sit and blog. Point in fact, I actually don't have time now. I am supposed to be helping the Hubs, but I'm stealing this moment to say: I am still alive.

It has been one heck of a crazy busy month-ish. We spent all that time in Wyoming. Then we hopped in the car, drove for three solid days, wore our wrinkled, suitcase clothes to sign the papers on our new house and promptly moved our suitcases from the hotel room to our new master bedroom, where we slept on an air mattress for almost a solid week.

My SIL called me on our very first morning in the house and asked if she and her family could come see us and help us with anything. They live a full three hours away, but they packed their toothbrushes and kids into their car and came to stay for the weekend. It was wonderful! The kids played and we painted. And painted. Then painted some more.

Then they went home, and Hubs and I painted even more. In fact, we're still painting. Even as I type. We've been to the Home Depot somewhere in the neighborhood of 47,000,000 times.

When we're not painting we're mowing the lawn. And by we I mean he. He's mowing the lawn. It's a regular garden of eden around here. It's beautiful! There are blooms in my yard the size of dinner plates. Seriously. I love it. I love every inch of my yard. And I will continue doing so until I have to mow it, or until the snow covers it. Then this enchantment will likely break.

In the mean time, enchanted is the best way to describe the way I feel about this place.

It is so, so good to be "home."


Laurie said...

Love it! I'm so glad you're happy!!

Momza said...

OH I know you're so very happy to be painting the walls of your very own home and enjoying the grass and flowers of your very own yard!
I hope you're taking pictures along the way too!