Sunday, August 11, 2013

prayers of a child

Pirate says his own prayers (with a bit of help) these days, and I often find myself giggling at the things he feels the need to tell Heavenly Father about. Things like rocks and splashing and running and waters and cousins and Snow White are things he routinely expresses gratitude for. Then he asks for a trip to the park, and to see his cousins, and to go to Nursery and grandma's house. (We decided to answer his prayers tonight with a trip to a local park.)

Though sometimes I can't help but giggle -I also realize that the simplicity of the things that are so important to him is partially what is meant when we are told to "Become as a little child." His little world is genuinely blessed by the presence of rocks and water and splashing. And trains. And Snow White, apparently. It begs the question... how many things genuinely bless me that I never bother to mention in my prayers because they aren't big enough for my notice? Because they are too routine or too normal?

Something to think about...

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Laurie said...

Yes, definitely something to think about!