Monday, August 19, 2013

monday again.

We have been in our new house for three weeks and four days. We've painted almost every room in the house. Our new floors will be installed on Wednesday. Hubs has his own little office space all sorted out in the basement. I've got my own little space... overrun with trains and toys. We're more or less completely unpacked. The only things we didn't bother unpacking are the maternity/newborn things that we might someday need again so we hang onto. Those things plus about three boxes of books that I just can't part with, but don't have shelf-space for.

Around the house there are things that are hanging out on countertops that still haven't found homes. That is my main task today. Make sure everything has a home.

The next task will be to get some kind of routine going. At least a healthier and more productive one than I've got going.

I also need to find a play group or something for Pirate, who is in desperate need of some friends. Desperate. Need.

Another task I've got to get to is finding some friends for me too. I read an article the other day about military spouses and friend dating. It made me want to laugh and cry both. Friend dating can be fun, but it's also kind of hard. And it's time to start that all over again. I'm just so grateful this time to be living in a ward that virtually everyone is coming and going, not coming and staying. Coming and going people are easier to make friends with when you are a coming and going person as well. I've met a couple girls that I've exchanged numbers with, and I'm hoping to get together with them sometime next week, after the back-to-school craziness works itself out.

After church yesterday, Hubs asked if we've got the house together enough that we can start inviting people over for dinner after church. The answer is YES and I am so excited that Hubs was the one to mention it first. Couple friendship dating is even harder than just girlfriend friendship dating, but I'm having some hope for this too.


Back to the Monday.

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Whitney B. said...

We were invited over to a family's house after church on Sunday too. It was so fun to visit and play with their kids! I love Sundays like that, oh and I got a nap in too :)