Wednesday, November 13, 2013

i am but a gardener

Some are called to one thing and some are called to another.
I am but a gardner.

The Lord has given me a small plot of space -all within my reach.
He's handed me a watering can. A spade. A packet of seeds.

He provides the light and the water.
He oversees my plans.

Some plants in my care look drooped and tired.
I water those. I hold them up to steady them. At least as best I can.

Seeds need planted in the spaces between.
I plant those. With love. With hope. With intention. 

Of course there's daily weeding to do. 
Rooting out the unwanted. The distractions. The stealers of health and vitality. 

In some ways my garden is like any garden. 
It's work, but it's beautiful to me.

This harvest isn't mine. This isn't food for my table.
Yet it nourishes me. Fills me up. Makes me whole.

Watering. Planting. Weeding. 
Everyday in the light of the Son.

I am but a gardner.

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Laurie said...

I absolutely love this!