Friday, November 15, 2013

i really love my new area

Last night I had a bunch of new girlfriends over here for my annual book exchange party. Last year I went all out throwing this party, but this year I recognized my limits. It was much more casual, and just as fun. There's a lesson in that for me, I think.

The books were much more random this year. Quite a lot of non-fiction in the mix. We all burst into laughter when someone unwrapped And They Were Not Ashamed. Four of the seven that came declared themselves non-readers, and they were being fully truthful. We played a game that involved knowing famous characters from literature. One or two of them had no idea who Anne Shirley was and my heart about stopped. Most everyone got Katniss Everdeen, and everyone knew Hermione Granger -so all was not lost. (Thanks Hollywood.)

Anyway, after the game we migrated to the table with the food and most of us sat there laughing and talking and laughing some more until around 11. The cool thing about this group is: we're all new here. It's not just me being the new one. I really, really like that.

I think I'll have another girl's night over here sometime over the Christmas holiday. I think I'll host an Anne of Green Gables movie marathon.

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Laurie said...

Funny! I'm a reader, but there might be a few classic characters that I might not recognize, since I didn't start reading classics until I was an adult. (I do recognize all of those, though!) But that's awesome that you've made some new friends. It's so important!