Thursday, January 23, 2014

it's still january

January is eternity.
It always is.
It's like the Monday of the year.

It's frigidly cold outside and had been snowing for days... and is expected to snow for the foreseeable future, with even colder temperatures. Somehow cold and snow is fun and exciting and Christmasy... until about New Years, and then I'm over it.

To keep ourselves busy we've been doing all kinds of things.

I dumped three bags of beans into a bin and gave Pirate a small shovel and bucket and some miscellaneous kitchen tools. He thinks that's great fun!

I have an art station set up that he likes to play with.

We turned a giant cardboard box into a train. He's spent HOURS on that.

We pull sheets and blankets out of the closet and build living-room sized forts.

We build, rebuild, and build again block castles, wooden train tracks, lego train tracks...

We dance.

We read books.

We do puzzles.

We bake cookies.

We pop popcorn.

I've been teaching him how to clean bathrooms and make peanut butter sandwiches.

And with all of this... He still presses his nose to the window and is bored.

And I'm right there next to him.

The other day he found his blow-up swimming pool in the basement and he drug it all the way up the stairs -by himself- and tugged it over to me, informing me that he'd like to go swimming. He also asked for a popsicle.


They tell me I can hope for Spring sometime in May or June.

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Caroline Bingham said...

I hear you. I just want to go outside.