Friday, February 21, 2014

i want to blog...

This month has been one thing to the next, to the next and it's almost over and I feel like it just started. It's been great! We're one month closer to spring and closer to meeting this new little man-child. 

We've got the crib set up, all the clothing for the first 3-6 months washed and put away, the swing reassembled. We've hired our doula. We've bought books about bringing home a baby, and are prepping Pirate daily for the changes he's about to experience. Things left on the to-do list: Purchase some breast-feeding necessities, have Pirate pick out a present for the baby, pick out a present for Pirate from the baby, pack a hospital bag, register with/ visit the hospital, update my birth plan, and decided on a name.

In other news around here:

I wrote a picture book this month and have compiled a list of people to submit it to. We'll see what comes of it.

I've introduced five people to doTerra this week, and taught them a bit about it. I love doing that!

Pirate and I have been able to get out of this house a time or two or three. The weather is finally, finally showing some hints of spring. Wednesday it was mid-forties and sunshine and we spent the entire afternoon outside building snowmen and having a snowball fight, and visiting with our neighbors -who also felt that it would have been borderline sinful to stay indoors on a day like that. 

I have to speak in church on Sunday. Not looking forward to that. Not at all. 

I'm hosting a book club next week, and after realizing the copies the library has are spoken for for the next two months or so, I bought it last night. And then was up until 11:30 reading it. 

Pirate and I have discovered a couple new places to go in the last couple weeks. One being the library, which is my favorite because it's free and it's quiet. Two great things if you ask me. 

And my time to write is completely up. 

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Laurie said...

Oh man, I've missed reading your thoughts! Haha. I FINALLY have time to catch up on blogs.

How are you doing?? When are you due, again?