Saturday, February 15, 2014

valentine's day

First: Hubs -just like he does every morning- figured out a way to let me sleep in. Which was nice because sleep is getting more difficult these days. I've reached that point in pregnancy where there is pretty much no such thing as "comfortable." And this little one sleeps all day, and then holds his own little zumba class every night at 11:00. Followed by yoga at 2:30/3:00. So. Yes, sleeping in was nice.

Second: When I finally did roll out of bed, I had just enough time to make the Valentine's gift for Hubs and write in his card before he walked in (from the gym) with flowers for me & a Thomas book for the Pirate. So sweet!! 

Third: And BEST of all, Hubs and I got to go out on a real live date. We got to hold each other's hands. And sit at a table alone. Just the two of us. And have conversation with eye-contact, and without interruption. Do you know how nice that was?

This little family of mine, we live a very ordinary life, but Oh! how I love it!

Tonight: Reciprocating the babysitting favor from last night. 

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Cynthia said...

Sounds simply perfect to me! My husband gave me time kids, no anyone - exactly what I needed to recharge :)