Friday, March 21, 2014

it's 8:30 and my whole house is sleeping

This morning, at like 4 o'dark thirty, I climbed out of bed because I couldn't just lay there any longer. The pain was a little alarming, a little too intense, and then I realized it was coming in waves, five minutes apart...

So... 4:30 found me in the la-z-boy slow breathing with each "surge" while Hubs got some laundry going, mixed up the essential oils I want to take to the hospital with me, looked up what we should pack in that hospital bag... I kept saying, "Just go back to bed because it'll be hours before we have to go." And he'd say, "No. Let's just do this now."

Finally, and thankfully, a little over an hour later they stopped and we both were able to get back to bed. Of course, Pirate got up about a half hour later... so Hubs was running low on sleep today.

But this morning made me realize just how NOT ready we are to welcome this baby to our house. It's a disaster area in here. We don't know where the nursing pillow nor the breast pump have disappeared to. The pack n' play still needs washed and assembled. We're not registered with the hospital -we're not even sure where to park. Nothing packed. Nothing cleaned. Then... I realized that my plan A, B, and C persons to take care of Pirate are ALL currently out of state. Until mid-next week. So I actually had to find a D person today. Just in case. Because this morning, at like 5:00, I truly thought we were going to have this baby today. It felt a lot like labor to me.

Anyway. I bet you can guess what I worked on today.

Now I've got like two more things to do and I'm going to call it a night too.

I'm exhausted.


Jessica said...

You know, that's what happened to us with Jasmine, the only thing I had done was - I was registered at the hospital and knew where to park only because I had my son there.

It will all be fine, at least you got a little warning to make you think of the things you might forgetting.

So exciting, that you will soon be a family of 4! I'm looking forward to the pictures!

Jessica said...
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Laurie said...

I feel like you just announced your pregnancy! Time sure flies. I can't wait to see your new little one!!!

Cynthia said...

This post made me is funny how ultra prepared we are for the first baby but with the second you always feel like there is time, no worries. Then it sneaks up on you :) Can't wait to "meet" this sweet spirit!