Sunday, March 30, 2014

week's end

My SIL and BIL and their kids came to visit this weekend. We love, love, love having them close enough that we can do these periodic weekends together. The kids play so well together. They just kind of disappear into the bedroom or basement and we'll hear a constant string of laughter and chatter.

Saturday we took the kids to "Chicken Flay" for fun, and then in the afternoon my SIL and I ran a handful of last minute errands to prep for this babe. (We were so hoping he'd come this weekend. It would have been nice to have the help with Pirate.) We were in search first for a bassinet/ pack-n-play with a bassinet. I checked Once Upon A Child on Monday and they had nothing, but it'd been a few days and I thought it would be worth another look -just in case- and they had one! It's perfect, looks brand new, and was marked for $50. My punch card was full and for 20% off -so I was able to find exactly what I needed for a crazy good price. Awesome!

Then, I was really needing my pre-labor pedicure, so we stopped into this nail place that my friend who was raised here recommended. We walked in and immediately were wondering if we were in the right place, because it just seemed a little on the dirty side. I texted my friend and she assured me that we were in the right place. So we put our names down and waited for our turn and then they got us seated and I was looking around and noticing that the chairs didn't look clean, then I noticed the tools looked dirty and there were still nail clippings stuck in the clippers... and by then the girl was already working on my SIL's feet, but they hadn't started on me yet... and anyway, I pointed out what I was seeing to her and I totally faked sick, holding my big pregnant belly, and we put our shoes back on and left. It was so gross and kind of awkward walking out -but that place was so gross! So we drove across the street to the drug store and bought all the do-it-yourself pedicure stuff.

So last night she gave me a pedicure, it's really cute and I'm certain I don't have any diseases from it. It also pretty much crosses off my very last "to do" item on this Prep for Baby list. He can come any time now. It'll be fine... I think he'll make me wait about another week/ week and a half. Hubs thinks I've got another three weeks or so. (I really wish men could experience what it is to be 38+ weeks pregnant for just one day, just one single day. I think then he'd be a bit more empathetic.)

Anyhow... the weekend was totally awesome. Pirate and his cousins got lots and lots of quality play time. I had a lovely stay-at-home girls night with my SIL. We're now fully ready for baby.

If we can just kick these little minor colds we'll be golden.


Laurie said...

Haha! I hear you about the "man cold." Scary about that nail place, but I'm glad you had some fun!!

Cynthia said...

I am so glad that there are other women that need that last days pedicure...must have cute toes while pushing out baby! I got lots of compliments on my toes with my last baby...good luck - he will be here before you know and you will all be healthy.