Thursday, April 3, 2014


Recently we went to visit the hospital where this new baby will be born. Walking around the Maternity unit and poking my head inside the rooms got me thinking of the last time which was the first time. It's a bit nostalgic, really. As I prep for this new little life to join us, I can't help but replaying things from when his big brother first came to us as well.

I remember the day they released us from the hospital. Hubs was carrying the car seat with our brand new baby strapped safely inside. We were commenting on how strange it felt to be leaving the hospital (we'd been there for three days, which was hospital policy for first time parents) with this precious, new little life and really only a vague idea on how to take care of it. Hubs was saying, "I wish he'd come with an instruction manual" and I was all smiles as we approached our truck.

On the sidewalk near our truck some hurried parent had left their diaper bag. I noticed it about the same time a guy in uniform did. He flung his arm out. "I need you to stay back. Stay right there." he commanded.

Maybe I should mention, for those who don't know, our first baby was born at an Army hospital.

I remember thinking, Wow. I'm pretty sure that's only a diaper bag. Can we say over-reaction? But then, once he'd cautiously approached the bag, and gave it a good look-over, and motioned that we were safe I got to thinking. There is a reason that this man is so especially cautious. Chances are pretty good he's seen first hand the results of a strategically placed bomb. Chances are pretty good he's attended the services for a fallen friend. He was cautious for good reason.

As we drove home I couldn't help think on it all a little bit more. We are raising our children in a sick and dangerous world. A place where Evil looks and patiently waits for opportunity. A place where wolves come to us in sheep's clothing.

Recently I read an article where a fellow LDS woman in a very respectful way lifted her voice in a "this is what I saw" kind of way. She wasn't calling anyone to repentance, and she wasn't judging anyone. She was merely stating something that she felt the Spirit had called her attention to, and she was pointing out that she was seeing a wolf disguised as a sheep. It obviously took a great deal of courage for this woman to write the things she did. She had to know there would be a back-lash from others...

I bet she didn't expect that back-lash to come so quickly, violently and viciously from her fellow Sisters in the gospel. I read her article and then for the next three days watched other LDS women tear her down and apart. It was sad, painful even, to watch. Have we become so hardened? Even if we disagreed with her, couldn't we have quietly done so? Instead of virtually lifting her up to social media and making a mockery of her, and throwing word-rocks at her? Especially when it isn't too crazy to suppose she could be right. People who study social movements will tell you as much.

I got a bit sidetracked here, didn't I?

As a mother to these two little boys in this crazy and often evil world, I sure hope I can guide them safely. That I can discern between what is just a diaper bag and what is a true danger disguised as a diaper bag. I think now more than ever vigilance is necessary -Mad Eye style vigilance.

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Laurie said...

Vigilance. That's the perfect word to describe how we have to be. Great post. :)