Tuesday, August 12, 2014

humming along

Life is humming along.

The last few days have been gloriously rainy. Today we ventured out into it to get groceries and some art-stuff because I am needing to revert to the child-within and bust out that new box of Crayolas and glue and scissors...

Generally I love this back-to-school time of year. I'm the kind of person who is downright giddy when crayons are super cheap and displayed in large bins in the center of aisles. But this year, I'm not feeling so giddy. Even if I do have two new boxes of crayons and a composition notebook, I'm not thrilled by the fall d├ęcor and Halloween things I encountered today out on my adventures. This girl has NOT had her fill of summer.

In other things:

I'm going to try to make pickles tomorrow. We overplanted cucumbers. Way overplanted cucumbers. At the start of the season our neighbors were thrilled to take a few off our hands, but now even they are tired of cucumbers. So I'm going to try to pickle some. We don't even particularly like pickles, but I feel terrible letting good homegrown food go to waste.


Wish me luck.

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Laurie said...

Brian did that this week! It didn't look as hard as other stuff he's bottled!