Sunday, August 24, 2014

the summer of cucmbers

As I've mentioned before, we over-planted cucumbers.
This pile here (a couple days of picking) resulted in 12 pint sized jars and 20 quart sized jars of pickles, plus at least as many that are in that bowl, frozen in my freezer, and that many again just tossed out. I hate wasting them, but... Really. We're out of ideas. And jars. And freezer space.
We've given so many away, that people from church are now sending me texts, "Hey, can I get some more cucumbers?" and our neighbors say, "You're not trying to give us more cucumbers are you? Because we had to give the last ones you gave us away."
I've learned how to make a decent hummus, because cucumbers and hummus pair nicely and hummus is pricey.
As time moves us forward we might not remember all the fabulous things we did together this summer o' '14, but we will remember the cucumbers "coming out our ears" I'm sure of it.
We'll probably also remember the week of Tanner's wedding, because that was a great day! And long waited for!
That week we had opportunity to catch-up with old friends, and such. On Friday morning my mom and dad, and Blake and Brittany, and Tanner, and Hubs and I got to go to the Gilbert, AZ temple together. It was an experience that will be cherished forever. Then there was the wedding the next day, which also was wonderful. Such happy, happy things! All crammed into a week.
Other things we've done this summer: Blueberry picking, Raspberry picking, a trip or two to the park to go on nature walks and to play, we've had picnics, and playdates with friends. We've visited the library, the train museum, the county fair, and the Amish Festival. I took up Crossfit, and finally self-published a book I've spent a lot of time working on. (More on the book later.)
Last week the Baby and I were watching Hubs trying to teach Pirate how to skip rocks on the river. I was thinking how glorious summer time is, and in the middle of my happy, summer thoughts a yellowed leaf floated down from high above me and landed at my feet. *Sigh*
We went to the meet the teacher night at Pirate's new preschool, which begins tomorrow. I'll probably cry all the way home, and then happy dance in the kitchen.
Leaves are starting to change, there's a night-time nip in the air, schools are starting, and I'm still not ready to embrace fall. Even if it does mean everything pumpkin is in my near future.
I think I'll make it a point to run through some sprinklers this week.
And make popsicles.


Whitney B. said...

Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL summer!! Wish I could get some cucumbers, we looove pickles around here!

Laurie said...

I'm in for my first REAL Autumn. I'm surprised that I'm not ready for it!