Wednesday, October 1, 2014

i'm half zombie

Seriously. It was night 3 of Bear's* new wake-up to play at 2:30am game. I'm over it. I cannot, cannot go down this road again... No, no, no, no, no, no. Please, please, no!

A person really does need more than 3 hours a night. It's a true story. I'll admit that I've been a bit lazy with this baby. No set bedtime routines, yet. He's still in the pack-and-play next to my bed. And, as of this morning -as I've moved through this day in a fuzzy cloud of sleep depravation- I've decided I need to just bite the bullet. Take the shot. Feel the pain. And see what happens and pray like I've never prayed before that this sweet child will be a good sleeper.

In other news, he's *this close* to crawling on hands and knees. Babies are so cute and sweet and fun, except for that they're so dang HARD. They really have this weird ability to bring out the best of yourself, and also the worst. As in, I'm going on about 3 to 4 hours a night x a week at this point. I feel more dead than alive, and I yelled at Pirate this morning for coming in and waking me up when I had, for three half seconds actually had the luxury of falling asleep.

Luckily, Hubs stepped in this morning and helped me cross off a few of the must-dos on todays list, so really all I have to do now is pick up Pirate from school, and survive until bedtime. It's doable. I'm pretty sure.

Tonight: Hot bath, book, and bed by 9:00.

(Breaks down in tears of laughter at how ambitious that plan is. My odds of completion are about as likely as winning the lottery. Hahahahahahahahahahaaa. *sob*)


Whitney said...

Ahhh I can relate! my (almost) 7 month old who has slept through the night since 4 months is suddenly waking up at 2AM. What is going on here?!?!?
I know that the earlier I go to bed the more chance I have at good sleep, but turning my brain off is really hard to do.

Laurie said...

Aw man, that's the worst phase!!! Seriously let your visiting teachers take the kids for a couple hours during the day so you can take a nap!!!