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the book of mormon book club, chapter five

1 Nephi, Chapter 5: Of Great Worth


Let’s start with the first 9 verses.


          I love these verses. I love these verses because it makes this family seem so very real to me. I love the insight into Sariah, and I love the insight into her marriage with Lehi. If we comb over these verses we can learn a thing or two. Go ahead, comb.


What did you learn about Sariah?






          This is what I gathered: Considering my tendency to complain against my husband for something as trivial as leaving wet towels on our bed, you can bet your backside that I would have plenty to say to him about it just as Sariah did. It seems that it wasn’t until her boys were back safe and sound from the house


of Laban that she received her confirmation that the whole moving into the wilderness thing was in fact the will of the Lord and not the will of Lehi. She declares, in verse 8, “Now I know of a surety that the Lord hath commanded my husband to flee…”


Look again at verse 8, do you see a repeating phrase? What is it?





          It seems Sariah had to follow in blind obedience for a while before she received her own confirmation that this was the will and the commandment of the Lord for her family. Perhaps she was too upset, too annoyed or angry to be feeling the Spirit. I know that would be the case if I was in her shoes. However, I think there is significance in the timing with which her confirmation was received. It wasn’t until she was so over-joyed, so full of gratitude that she was praising God, that she knew the will of the Lord. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience? I know I have. My bitter and complaining heart was simply not able to hear the answer that I had spent years praying for. Contention is of the Devil. We can’t hear God when we’re mad.


What type of marriage do you think these two had?





          Here’s my answer: a normal one! The evidence is that these are people not so very different from me. I’ve complained against my husband a time or two. There have been moments when I have been stressed beyond stressed and my husband instead of telling me to “Cowboy up” or “Stop with the drama already” has calmly done his best to ease and quiet my fears in the most loving and kind ways. I’m sure there was a flip side too. We don’t get a chance to see Lehi behind his tent doors following the shenanigans of his two older sons. I bet he had his own times of great frustration, and I bet Sariah was right there in the middle, doing her best to keep the peace. What do you think?


Let’s move onto verses 10-15.


What was the first thing Lehi did with the record?





How similar was this book to our Old Testament?




In verse 14 it mentions the record contained the genealogy of Lehi. How important is your personal genealogy to you? Why?





          In verse 15 one tiny word jumped out at me, it’s the word also. Nephi says, “And they were also led out of captivity.” Nephi was, again, likening the scriptures to himself. The interesting thing to me is that Nephi’s life and record became scripture to us. With the thoughts of my ancestors still fresh in my brain, and knowing all the courage and strength I’ve gathered from them in my days, I have to wonder if my life is going to also read like scripture to my descendants? Will my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren read the record of my life and be inspired to turn to the Lord? I sure hope so!


Keep reading verses 16-17.


Write the message of verse 17.






Let’s finish off the chapter, verses 18-22.


          The scriptures are “of great worth” to us, if we read them. If we carry them with us as we journey into the wildernesses before us –towards our promised ending. It is the Lord’s wisdom that has kept this record of Nephi, his wisdom that he had this record kept, and saved expressly for us in our day and in these times. Let us read, study, liken, and be filled.


 In the last few chapters have you noticed any parallels between Nephi’s experience and Joseph Smith’s? Write them out here:


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