Saturday, November 1, 2014

the book of mormon book club, chapter six

1 Nephi, Chapter 6: The Intent of Nephi


Okay friends, I’ve read these six short verses over and over, and this is what I’ve got.


Read verses 1 and 2.


Just for fun, go check out the second chapter of 1 Chronicles. No need to read it, just skim. If you weren’t counting (or you didn’t bother to go find the reference) there are 55 verses worth of family history and “begats.” I like how Nephi doesn’t bother writing it all out, instead he says, “It sufficeth me to say we are descendants of Joseph.” It resonates so very male to me. I don’t know about you, but if you haven’t noticed by now, I tend to squeeze in all sorts of details and back-story. Nephi, like my husband, likes to get right to the point.


Now, verse 3.


He leaves out ___________________________, in order to have room for




Does anything about that hit you?





In my world there’s this thing I call The Law of Displacement. I first became aware of this when I was studying nutrition. When we eat one thing we are also choosing to not eat something else, often something better for us, like a carrots or spinach. Then I kept noticing this principle popping up in places other than my kitchen. My budget. My time. My energy. My to-do lists. When I chose one thing (like TV) I’m simultaneously choosing to not do another thing (study my scriptures, play with my son, exercise.) Verse three is Nephi keeping his priorities straight.


What does the Law of Displacement look like in your life? Go ahead. Be thorough.







Whew! That’s kind of a hard one, isn’t it? Sometimes the choice between good, better, and best are far more difficult than the choice between right and wrong, don’t you think?

I hope you aren’t feeling guilty. Please don’t feel guilty. We’re all working on our own stuff. We are not expected to be perfect –that is why we have the Savior and His amazing grace.


Now, let’s look at verse 4.


What is Nephi’s intent?





What is your intent? For this book club? For your life?





Some days, I’m not gonna lie, my intent is nothing more than to get the floors clean. I’ll think, if I can just manage this one chore today I will call the day a good one. Life is hard and days get hairy, but on a more serious note my intent is to do good and to be good. I want to keep the roots of my faith sunk down deep. I want to help other women really feel the Lord in their lives, to know His promises are sure, and His grace is sufficient.


Onto verse 5.


What is pleasing to the world is not pleasing to God.

What is pleasing to God is not pleasing to the world.


Here it is again, the Law of Displacement, do you see it? You can choose one or the other, but you can’t choose both. It doesn’t work that way.


Verse 6.


Now let’s reword that one a little bit. Go ahead. Fill in the blanks.


“Wherefore I give a commandment unto _________________________, that I



shall not occupy __________________________ with _________________________



___________, which is of no worth unto____________________________.

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Laura H said...

This is the bajillionth time in the last few days that this idea of being deliberate with my decisions has been placed before me.... I think I'm supposed to think about this. I really like your thoughts!