Tuesday, November 4, 2014

it's november. or mo-vember

and I'm seriously hoping Hubs doesn't decide to grow a stache this year as he has in years past...

That aside -October came and went in a half a blink, which is even shorter than July. How that happened I'm not entirely sure, but it happened. The leaves burst into flaming colors and have burnt out. Mostly they're scattered all over the place and are everywhere but on the trees that gave them existence.

In other news...

I gave up facebook recently. In the void, I've been thinking I need to blog more, but it seems like my brain has been programed to think in tiny three to five sentence instant thoughts. Also, my blogging network of yesteryear has (more or less) died... Or, at least google reader died and then I lost track of all the people who hadn't posted on their blogs since 2009. I'm a little jealous of those women. Blogging hit its high when their kids were babies and preschoolers and now that I'm in these years, they've moved on. They're working on science projects and sweating out on soccer field sidelines. I'm wiping bums.

Speaking of wiping bums. Hubs woke me up this morning with a "Help!" Little Guy had blown out of his diaper (third time this week) and it was an easier with two sets of hands kind of event. Then there was the (also poopy) incident with Pirate a few minutes later. I'll spare the details though it was rather comical (in retrospect). Sometimes I come down too hard on him three minutes too soon. As I was helping him wash his hands it hit me how tiny his hands are -still. I forget that he's still so little because he just seems so big.

And on that note... goodnight.


Whitney @ Southern Hope said...

You can be MY blog buddy, I'm wiping bums too and hope to wipe more in the future ;)

Laurie said...

The true troopers are still blogging! :) I'm one that wishes I could. But I feel like I don't have a ton to say. Honestly, I think I'm going to make my blog private again so I can feel like I can post more stuff about the kids... But then I know people never check them if they don't show up in their news feeds or bloglovin or whatever... So yeah, I haven't decided.

I'm just barely out of the wiping bums phase... Hang in there!!