Sunday, February 15, 2015

a quiet sunday afternoon

Church was canceled, again, thanks to extra wintery weather. I would have been more upset by this if I wasn't an assigned speaker today. It would be better if I got out of speaking entirely, but as it sits they said to just plan on speaking next week instead. Oh the joy.

In other news, Pirate can now completely get himself dressed for playing in the snow. Snow pants, coat, hat, gloves, everything on his own without tears and without help. It's kind of a big day. I think I might celebrate with some chocolate as soon as I manage to pry myself from this chair.

Pirate is outside with the dog, playing in the massive amounts of snow in our backyard. He's been playing outside a lot lately since the dog will play outside with him. Little Guy is watching through our sliding glass door, pounding on the panes and whining a bit. I know he wants to be out there but it is quite cold and I don't have anything warm enough to dress him in, so he has to console himself by digging though the toy bins (located in front of the window) and empty them by tossing one toy at a time. I have a mess of toys to clean later, but he's happy for the moment so we'll roll with it.

The washer is humming.

I've got three projects beckoning.

There is nothing exceptionally noteworthy in this day or even this week. Yesterday, Valentine's Day, we were more or less snowed in. The winds made visibility low, so we lounged around in pajamas watching Netflix for most of the day.


I need to stand and stretch and while I have a minute of no-demands address the out-of-control laundry situation going on in my bedroom. If cleanliness in next to godliness I am in some serious trouble.


Laurie said...

I love this post on so many levels. Keeping it real while also showing such a lovely day! It's the little things. :)

Jenny Lynn said...

Snow. We haven't seen much of here this winter. I think you must be getting our share. Pirate's ability to dress himself to go out into the snow, is surely something you should celebrate with chocolate.

Whitney @ Southern Hope said...

Wow that sounds like a lot of snow! I don't do well in cold weather, this chilly Georgia weather is killing me. I want to take my baby boy for walks and get out and play!!