Monday, February 23, 2015

it's a quiet night

Everyone else is in bed. As they should be. It's 10:00. But I'm up waiting on sheets to dry because I forgot about them in the strains of the day. I do have two other sets of bed sheets I could use, but they've been used as forts and oceans and parachutes and robes and any number of things to Pirate's imagination in the last couple weeks. They're likely covered in dog hair and snot and who knows what else.

It's been a rough go in our house as far as keeping kids entertained. We've been passing around a cold that is bad enough that politeness requires us to keep away from others, but not bad enough to slow us down much. So I have a four year old who has missed FAR too many days of school, who is restless and bored. It's a bad situation.

In the mean time, Little Man is nearly walking! It's adorable to watch. He stands and claps for himself, takes a few steps, falls, claps for himself, and tries again.

On that note... I think I'll check out what Netflix has to offer while I finish waiting. My brain is tired.

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Laurie said...

Netflix is perfect for a tired brain! I'm watching Gilmore Girls right this minute! ;)