Sunday, June 7, 2015

nothing much and everything

The weather is clear and warm without heat. The world is green and singing. I'm pushing Little Man in the stroller, Hubs is walking at my side, and the Pirate is just ahead of us, stepping on our shadow heads and laughing. Hubs puts his hands up and gives his shadow head horns.
"I'm a bull. I'm going to get you!" Pirate laughs and runs. It's instantly a game. We're all creating body-sized shadow puppets on the street ahead of us.


Little Man loves eating more than just about anything. His favorite thing to carry around is a spoon. He holds it in his right hand, and dips it in/ presses it into whatever he happens to be holding in his left hand -a bowl, a cup, a plate, a piece of paper, a car... and brings the spoon to his mouth over and over again.


As of lately, Little Man has three words and one sound. He says momma, dada, and yeah. Sometimes he says uh-huh, always appropriately.


A conversation with the Pirate today:
Pirate: It's going to be 13-4-7 degrees tomorrow, huh Mom.
Me: No. You're wrong.
Pirate: Me?
Me: You're numbers are off a bit.
Pirate: Why?


Laurie said...

Oh, that wonderful word, "Why?" :)

You'll look back at these posts and see all the little treasures that made up your life. I love it!

Jessica said...

I love the little pirate posts. He's quite the little observer.