Thursday, August 14, 2008

its all about love, part two

I've tried to write out what I've learned this summer here in this format, but it is difficult. Maybe it is all too personal? Or maybe I should just leave it there. It comes out sounding preachy and all-knowing and self-righteous. Dang it. The problem is that forever, and I mean since I was a freckle-faced, awkward little pre-teen, I have used writing as my number one outlet for my thoughts and feelings and everything. And all my beloved journals are tucked away into boxes that are tucked away into some storage place in Utah. Irretrievable. And here all this swims in my head! What to do? What to do? -I'll put it into a list. That might work.

Things I've Learned (or learned how to apply) This Summer

  1. Fear is inspired by Satan.
  2. All fears are lies.
  3. I was believing the lies.
  4. This was damaging me.
  5. There is true strength that comes from reading the scriptures, the word of God DOES heal the wounded soul. (see Jacob 1:8 -I think)
  6. Positve self-affirmations, or mantras are powerful. 
  7. I can make weaknesses my strengths.
  8. I am stronger than my fears.
  9. There is divinity within me, I am a daughter of God.
  10. There is a specific plan for my life.
  11. My body is the greatest gift I have been given to this point in my life.
  12. It is my privilege and responsibility to take care of it.
  13. I need to exercise more for that reason alone.
  14. Truth is truth.
  15. The memories, especially intense memories, of our blood ancestors is coded into our very cells -and we, on a sub-conscience level, remember them, along with our own.
  16. We can release the painful, negative emotions/ memories that are stored within us.
  17. The atonement is real.
  18. Christ will do for us what He says He will.
  19. In this, everything is perfect.
  20. Everything he gives us is perfect for our needs, for the plan specific to our lives.
  21. Me, personally, one of my gifts is to love without judgement and without conditions.
  22. But before I can do that I have to come to accept and love myself in the same way, without judgements and without conditions.
  23. I am a lot harder on myself than I had ever before imagined.
  24. This was also damaging me.
  25. We come to believe what we think, and what we believe becomes reality.
  26. Thoughts are incredibly, incredibly powerful.
  27. All things, everything we do, say, think, watch, read, taste, smell, touch, EVERYTHING has energy, which affects our energy, which affect us.
  28. We choose exactly what we want our lives to be.
  29. Being positive, and grateful is amazing for our health.
  30. We can only love others to the extent that we love ourselves, and the capacity to love grows slowly (line upon line) and the light within us grows with it because light is love is Christ.
  31. It is so good!


Nichole said...

Thanks for this. It gave me a lot to think about! Especially #15, and about thoughts being powerful and becoming our reality - for better or worse - and about taking care of our bodies and spirits. . .

Like I said - a lot to think about. . .

merrileebeals said...

Heather you are incredible. Wise beyond your years. You have learned in one summer things most of us take a lifetime to learn. Wish I would have learned them earlier in my life. Thanks for the insight. Love you, Aunt Merrilee

Dumbo said...

You are amazing. this list has really made me think.

Laura and Jimmy said...

I can't wait to visit utah again. :) I think you're great.

Laurie said...

Thanks for this, Heather!!! You're amazing!! And yes, we're all MUCH harder on ourselves than on others! But it's good realize that and CHANGE it!!

The Atkinson's said...

girl you are the best. Yes please remind me why you left again? Ha! So you do realize that I could kidnap you away for a weekend of girl craziness at anytime right? Be really scared! J/K

kemra said...

AMEN! Thanks for reminding me of those things! I love you!

James & Cari said...

Heather! This was WONDERFUL! So many things I wish I remembered every bit of every day- life would be so much easier if I could. Reading this was perfect for me today. (p.s. You mentioned at the beginning of this post your fear of how what you wrote would come off- well, I don't think there's a self-righteous bone in your body- so no need to worry about your writing coming off that way, ever!) :-) Thanks Lady!

Amy said...

I totally agree: fear is of the devil.


Manda said...

Heather- thank you for allowing us to read this blog. Those who know you know that you are an awesome person and are grateful for all that you share with us. For me you are a strength, an example and a wonderful friend. There are so many things that I think everyday, and you put them into words. I used to write all the time, somewhere I have lost that. I am glad that you haven't. I am excited that you have taken this summer, and learned so much- you are so awesome and I love you for it!