Wednesday, February 22, 2012

why people come and never come back

We have a guest room. If you know me in the flesh I have -more than likely- invited you to come stay in it. I love having guests over to our house. When my friend Megan came I found a few food magazines to stack on the table in "her" room, I put together a basket of snacks and goodies and water bottles, and a basket of towels and wash cloths with new bars of soap... I was going to put together a "local attractions" binder with restaurants and places of interest, but I ran out of time. So instead I typed up a "Welcome to Hotel ---" letter which included kitchen hours and "staff" services. All because I love when people come visit & I want them to want to come back so much that they will. Only they never do.

*Switching Gears*

L. Pirate is terrified of wind storms. He cries every time an especially good gust rips over our house. Which means, on nights of wind storms we can either listen to crying off and on all night -or we can bring him into bed with us.

Two nights ago this was the case & as you can imagine we all slept like bears in hibernation... or like fish out of water. Whatever.

Last night was another wind storm -even more gusty than the night before. Hubby needed his sleep, so I took the babe into the guest room. {I am so nice.}

Which is the first time in a long time that I've slept in that bed... And by "slept" I mean, laid in for an extended period of time. It took me about three minutes to realize why people come to visit us and then never come back. That bed is terrible!! As are the pillows. Sure, the comforter is pretty, but comforter schmomforter -where is the ability to sleep? 

And now I'm feeling sorry for all the sweet loved ones of mine who have had to endure that bed. If you happen to be reading, I am so sorry. If I was rich, I'd buy you all a massage right this instant to try and make it up to you. And, in case you're wondering: a new mattress just got moved up a few notches on the expensive things we need to purchase at some point sooner than later. 

Here's hoping I get to nap today, in my own bed!


Amy said...

Wow, this makes me want to be a guest at your house-- horrible bed or not!
Snacks?? Really? That is the sweetest sound I've ever heard.

Where do you live again?

Aunt Merrilee said...

I don't remember that bed being uncomfortable. I stayed a week the first time I came and it was fine.The last time I slept on the couch because you had a guest. But don't feel bad about that bed. I think that is the same bed I slept in in Utah and it was fine then too!!

Jessica said...

That's too funny, I found the same thing about our futon in the living room, I actually added a pillow top to it so you could not feel all the stupid bars in the bed. LOL its good to hear were not the only ones. ;)